Police MIlitarization

Protect and Serve

If the police officers are becoming militarized, imagine how officers are going to be in a couple years from now? In many places in the United States police are becoming more like Robocops, and they are ceasing how they are supposed to be. “Protect and serve” is the slogan of police officers. This has created a critical change because now some officers are breaking the laws and police are shooting people.The DoD Program is a program that had a big impact on people because DoD 1033 program gives more heavy weapons to police officers. That is why people are protesting against them. They use this as an excuse to militarized themselves, and get more weapons that only the Army are allowed to use. Such  as “shorts-barreled 5.56 mm rifles based on the military M4 carbine.” (Szoldra) Why are they using this kind of weapons when they are patrolling the streets? What is the purpose of the 1033 program?


First of all,  we have to accept the fact that sometimes officers do not have the equipment necessary to fight.Sometimes  people think that they can break the laws and get away with it. One example  that I am  talking about is the incident that occurred in North Hollywood in 1997. In which 6 civilians, and 10 police officers were injured by just two heavy armed robbers.These guys were armed with AK-47  and police officers just had their 9mm and  one agent had a shotgun 12. These kind of incidents are the ones that make police officers want heavier  equipment to be more secure. Which is good I can not say no to that, but they also have to think about where they can use this kind of weapons. They need these weapons just in  case of extreme danger to them. But this had a bad side too. Militarization is affecting people. The government is spending a lot of money buying weapons, and equipment for the police. With that, they can help other people with the money that they are wasting.


In the other hand, police do not see that they are scaring people by  the way they look today. Paul Szoldra was an Infantry squad leader and structure of the  US Marine Corps in Korea Afghanistan and Japan. He talks about how police look today and he said in his article. “This Is The Terrifying Results Of Militarization Of Police”. ”Their Uniform would be mistaken for soldiers if  it weren’t for their “Police” patches.” (Szoldra.) Because the decisions that officers take when they are doing their  job. One of these incidents is the one that just happened in Ferguson Missouri. The controversy of Michael Brown and the police officer who shot him, the way that he shot him. This is something that is not right because even though they are the ones in charge of keeping the city as a safe place. Officers are not the ones who decide who can live or who deserves to die.


Secondly Police officers in Missouri are allowed to use Bearcats that are a swat vehicle to use only. In Ferguson police officers are, “acting aggressive — shooting wooden pellets, using tear gas. Even arresting two journalists who were legally filming their actions — made headlines.” This means that police officers are more aggressive with the people that are protesting against them. That is not right because people of Ferguson just want justice for this boy Michael Brown. The officers did not have the right to shoot him as they did. This Incident affects a lot of the people in Ferguson because they do not feel secure anymore. Police officers are the ones who are killing people they said. This can also be an act of  racism because the police that shot Michael Brown was white  and the boy was black.


In some places, the militarization is necessary because people are getting off of the cup. We don’t know how many people are just trying to do something like the what happened in Sandy Hook Elementary School. The past December 14 of 2012, when this guy Adam Lanza killed 20 little children’s and 6 staff members of this school. They were in this location in the wrong place at the wrong time. Jazz Shaw in his documents “Hot Hair” said. “What about the next time somebody goes to an Elementary School armed with smashers and couples of 9mm Glocks?. You don’t want us arming teachers or having local residents open carrying to keep the schools safe.” “Leave to the cops you say.” (Shaw) Here is Jazz talking about this incident. He is supporting the idea that militarization of police officers is good. Sometimes it is because people are not brave enough to take a place in this kind of incidents. Sometimes people do not know what to do when this is happening. They also do not want a community armed with guns since they also do not gonna feel secure with that. The DoD 1030 program provides military support to the officers in Missouri. That’s mean that they’re allowed to use this kind of weapons that they are using right now. In  some part, I agree with this program because police officers are going to be more secure when they reach their lives for us. On the other side, the government have to think in some rules for this program. The government has to be more restricted to the police officers that break the law. This program has punished them with a full weight of the law if they do something wrong. The government gives them the chance to be more secure and that is  unfair that they just break the law when do not have to be like that.


Police Militarization is good sometimes that is a thing that no one can be against too. Everybody has the right to be secure when they are doing their jobs. But before that we have to see the consequences that this can have in the community or even in the whole State. We  should think about it twice before gives the police more weapons. Sometimes we don’t know if police officers are going to take good decisions of how to use these weapons.



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